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Places to visit in Florence

Florence is one of Italy’s most important cities of art.  It is like an open air museum with works found in the streets and in the numerous squares.  Many of the works found in Florence originate from Florence, however, the museums offer a repository of works that come from around the world.  Florence offers countless places to see and experience.

The ancient towers and dark alleys allow you to relive the Middle Ages.  Experience the Renaissance palaces of the Medici and Strozzi.  Visit the majestic gothic churches; The Franciscan Santa Croce and the Dominican Santa Maria Novella.  Stroll in the large squares, such as the wonderful Santissima Annunziata, and cross the bridges; The unmistakable Ponte Vecchio or the elegant Santa Trinita.




There are even vast green spaces to see in Florence: Boboli Gardens, one of the first examples of an Italian garden, and the Park of Cascine are the largest and best known in the area, but there are others to visit.  The Garden of Roses, the Iris garden – dedicated to the flower symbol of the city, and others belonging to the ancient Torrigiani or Gherardesca families.  There are so many places that characterize our city and give color and charm to it.  The workshops and markets of San Lorenzo and Sant’Ambrogio, the North West Mounted Police or Gilli, historic bars in Piazza della Repubblica which is located in front of the Linguistic Center Dante Aligheri, to name a few.




Do not forget to visit places neat Florence as well.  Some are within walking distance, albeit a bit more challenging of a walk.  Visit the village of Pian dei Giullari, or the Convent of San Francesco in Fiesole.  Or take a city bus to the wonderful Charterhouse Pratolino Park where there is a gigantic sculpture of the Apennines.




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