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Nightlife in Florence

The nightlife in Florence is very lively.  It begins around 7:30pm with an aperitivo.  Many bars organize them and they are all the rage.  With the cost of one drink (usually about 8-10 Euros), you can help yourself to a vast all-you-can-eat buffet!  Many young Florentines frequent these apericena’s since it is a great way to socialize and eat on a budget.

If you prefer to sit comfortably at a table and indulge in a traditional dinner, you will not be disappointed with the vast choices you will have.  Whether it be a simple casual dinner or a 5-star dining experience at one of the hundreds of restaurants in Florence, you will be able to sample all the specialties that Italian cuisine has to offer and more.  In summer, you can dine outside under the stars in charming squares along the streets.

After dinner begins the real nightlife in Florence.  Bar hop with friends, chat over a glass of vino, listen to live music in a bar, hit a dance club, go to the movies and watch an Italian film…the options are endless.

When the weather is nice, the nightlife takes place outdoors.  It is simply beautiful to walk around the city or along the Arno and it’s bridges, stopping to indulge in a gelato or sitting in one of the gorgeous squares in Florence.