• Centro Linguistico Dante Alighieri

Our services in Florence

Our services in Florence incorporates an Italian language course into broad terms: the proper linguistic aspect and exploration of the culture.  Our students must first take a placement test and a final exam.  Throughout the weeks other tests are administered to assess the progress made.  Those requiring further study may supplement their standard or intensive course with additional lessons.  These can be arranged with the secretary of the Linguistic Centre Dante Aligheri.

Our services also include afternoon classes geared specifically towards topics relating to Florence; History and art, local cuisine, crafts, markets, specialty ice cream and gardens.  Our students learn parts of the vernacular that is not found in common vocabularies or in the rules of grammar.  These lessons not only take place in the classroom, with the aid of audio-visual equipment, but can also include guided walking tours of the city.  Walk among the historical monuments and numerous shops, allow your eyes to feast on the art and the window displays!

Additionally, students who wish to further practice Italian reading comprehension can do so by borrowing books from our library.  Those who wish to further practice listening, can take advantage of our numerous DVD film collection.  Magazines, attraction guides and other information is always present in our main hall and is available for everyone.  Wifi is available throughout the building for use with your personal laptop or smartphone or, you are welcome to take advantage of the numerous computer stations provided by the school.