• Centro Linguistico Dante Alighieri

The Combi Course

Standard4 lessons/dayMo - Fr20 lessons/week
One-to-One1 or more lessons/dayMo - Fr5 or more lessons/week

Our Italian courses in Florence are organized with a modular system : therefore there are a lot of opportunities. We would like to suggest one of them, because it is very efficient and appreciated by our students : the Combi italian course combines studying in a group with learning alone. In the morning the lessons are in a classroom and in the afternoon you have your private teacher to explain any doubt.

Learning Italian in Florence with other people is an useful and pleasant experience : it is not unusual to make new friends! Sharing the same love for the language of this Beautiful Country, the students of a classroom also spend their free time together visiting places or doing activities in Florence. In the Combi italian course the advantages of learning with other people are added together with the ones of the one-to-one studying!

Our Combi Italian course in Florence consists of combining the Standard course with a one-to-one course: during the week, from Monday to Friday, the course considers 20mlessons in a group ( 9.00 – 12.15 break included ) and, for example, 10 one-to-one lessons ( 1.00 p.m. – 2.00 p.m. ). The schedule of the one-to-one lessons can be arranged with the staff of our Centro Linguistico Dante Alighieri. Contact us for further information.