Art and Language Course

Art and Language Course in Florence

We organize an art course to anyone, expert or not, who wants to discover the world of drawing and sculpture. Language and art: what a fabulous combination!

As you know, Florence was the place where the Renaissance was born and it has been recognised World Heritage site for 30 years. In our school you will meet all this! You can attend language course in the morning and art courses in the afternoon.

All our courses are different levels and they can last from 2 weeks to 12 months. You can have new experience in classic or contemporary techniques in the art of painting or even of frescos’ , of mosaic, ceramic, drawing or fashion design.

Our teachers are all professional artists and the course will be held in a big room, exactly like a “bottega”, a typical studio in the florentine Renaissance. Here maestro and student used to work next to each other: the Verrocchio’s bottega was very famous in the XV century, where Da Vinci and Perugino studied.

If you like this enviroment and you like the idea of working, studying, learning in a collaborative athmosphere, please contact us!