• Centro Linguistico Dante Alighieri

Language and Internship in Florence

In recent years, many young people feel the need to experience work abroad. Our Linguistic Center Dante Alighieri has therefore decided to establish working relationships with a number of training agencies to organize a joint language course and internship in Florence, Italy.

The course is developed on two parallel tracks: one in language and the other in training. The training is certainly the most important of the two: on average, training lasts from 2 to 6 months, (less time is possible in certain areas) and can be done all year round, with the exception of the month of August. You could have learning experiences in companies operating in various sectors, from tourism to the commercial, fashion and graphics. Daily and weekly work hours may vary.(4-7 hours per day / 4-5 days per week).

These are some of the many sectors of work available: administration and marketing, architecture, chemistry and mechanical engineering, construction, graphics, restoration, jewelry, sports, communication and event planning, education, archives, parks and recreation, gardening, veterinary, restaurant and catering, tourism, healthcare, pharmacy, beauty and hair dressing.
At least two months before the possible start of the placement, send us your CV, indicating the sector in which you would want to work, so we can better organize your language course and internship in Florence.

Since your stay is long-term in Florence during the internship, it is logical to learn Italian, or refine your knowledge of it, to better understand colleagues and working requirements. You will have the full experience of working and living in Italy. The language course and internship in Florence offers you a way to accompany your internship with language learning: together, we will assess your needs and we can plan your educational path in the Italian language! Participation in this program requires a citizenship of a EU member state.
For more information, do not hesitate, contact us today!