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One-to-One Italian Course in Florence

lessons/dayto defineMonday - Friday

If you want to learn well and fast, well the best choice is to join a one-to-one course. Each lesson is thought for the student and adjusted to his/her characteristics just like a custom made dress. This is the best course if you need to learn a language for your job and you do not have much time to do it, if you want a teacher taking care of you and of your problem in learning Italian in Florence. It is really easy in this way to organize a course in business Italian, legal Italian perfect for business men or companies.

Whoever chooses the one-to-one course he/she often has aspecific need. Some people love opera and learning Italian is a way for appreciating it better, other people love Italian cooking and they look for affinity between the language and the gastronomy. Some other people love Dante and they want to read and recite his poems.

The schedule of one-to-one course is organized according to the will and the need of the student: from one lesson of 45 minutes a day ( 5 lessons a week) to a maximum that has to be arranged. Contact the secretary of our Centro Linguistico Dante Alighieri and tell us about your needs : i twill be a pleasure for us to help you.