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Study Italian in Florence

Italy: sun, pizza and mandolin! It’s just a cliché but, like any prejudice, it hides a truth: no doubt, our country is a mediterranean country with mild climat, where people eat very well! Music also plays a remarkable role in italian people’s life, in fact they love singing and not only taking a shower! The language itself is a melody!

In our school Centro Linguistico Dante Alighieri many students decide to learn Italian just because it’s music, because it is a beautiful language. Italy has a special relationship with Beauty: it has got the biggest number of sites considered World Heritage sites by the Unesco and one of these ia the historical centre of Florence But there is not just art and history; many excellences of this country are connected to Beauty: goldsmith’s craft, leather trade, design, fashion.



Beauty will save the world!
This is what a Fedor Dostoevskij’s famous aphorism says: pursuing not only what is useful but also what is pleasant, gratifying. Learning Italian in Florence because this city has been the cradle of our beautiful language: learning it at the Centro Linguistico Dante Alighieri because our school has been the first one in italy to teach Italian as a second language. A name evoking experience and quality in teaching.



Dolce vita
Here is another clichè that describes a series of italian people typical behaviour: the deep love for what is pleasant even if it is not strictly necessary. The search for the peculiarity, the care of the look, an healty and tasty diet, not just for surviving. For a foreigner pasta is just pasta but for an italiani s something else, something more: pasta is a world with a lot of shapes, each one perfect for a certain sauce. The language is the best key for understanding the italian culture. Learning Italian in Florence will allow you to penetrate in this world. Contact us!