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Boarding with a family

It is very often the favourite solution and it includes breakfast and dinner with the family.

In the evening the family and the students meet tasting traditional italian dishes. “ Accomodati!”, “Buon appetito”, it is a way of recreating a family atmosphere, not feeling alone.

Compared to the shared apartment opportunity, the advantage of staying with a family is the authentic familial atmosphere, such as having someone close in times of need.  Families who work together with our Italian language school in Florence treat guests with kindness and sympathy.  They are willing to talk and ready to help ensure that everything goes well.  It’s just like being at home!



To stay with the family will entail some responsibilities.  Observing the hours of dinner and curfew, respecting the family’s habits and routines, behaving politely, avoiding loud or disrupting noise and keeping your room and common areas clean and tidy.  As a guest, you will have a single or double occupancy room and share the bathroom with others.