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Our apartments in Florence

Experience the student life!  Not only study to learn Italian in Florence, but above all, meet new people to share time and experiences with and freely exchange interests and opinions.  A curious and easy-going lifestyle waits for those who choose the shared apartment opportunity.



In each shared apartment room, guests have a large wardrobe and desk at their disposal, along with a bedside table and bed of course.  This is their private space.  The rest of the apartment is shared common area, in particular the kitchen and bathrooms.  To share a room with another person and save money, you can request a double occupancy room instead of a single occupancy.



If you choose this shared apartment accommodation in Florence, this will not mean you can do whatever you want.  On the contrary, it will be a way to work and live together and find common solutions to any issues.  Every guest must respect the apartment and its surroundings, taking care to keep it clean and tidy.  You will be asked to respect the freedom and habits of others and to avoid behaviours that could undermine and ruin other people‚Äôs stay.