• Centro Linguistico Dante Alighieri

Our Accomodation in Florence

We know perfectly how important it is to find a comfortable accommodation to enjoy your staying in our beautiful city, that’s why the Centro Linguistico Dante Alighieri takes care of students’ needs.

The apartment to be shared with other students is what our students prefer: living in a single or double room, sharing the kitchen, bathrooms, living room. The School Residence is also a very good solution and it is in the same palace where the school is to which is connected through a door.

Boarding with a family is always a classic choice even if the stereotype of the italian family is now changed. Even in Italy the image of family is changed. This kind of accomodation offers the chance of beeing more involved in the italian culture sharing the living room with real italians.

Every accomodation is fully furnished, easy to reach by public transportation and it is often possible to walk to school. We would like to remind you that the checkin is on Sunday and check out on Saturday. The cleaning and utilities are included in the price.

Concerning all the other kinds of accomodation like Studio, Hotel, Residence, B&B and so on , remember some of them are agreed upon with us. Contact us, we will fibd the best solution for you!